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Introducing the New and Improved PigeonShip: Same Day & Next Day Final Mile Delivery Service

Tanmay Gupta
3 April, 2023
Introducing the New and Improved PigeonShip: Same Day Final Mile Delivery Service
PigeonShip's Reinforced Mission and Core Values

At PigeonShip, we are excited to reannounce our improved same day final mile delivery service. We have strengthened our mission to revolutionize the final mile delivery industry by prioritizing customer satisfaction, reliability, and convenience. Our core values of trust, efficiency, and innovation remain as the guiding principles in every aspect of our business operations. We firmly believe that our dedication to these principles sets the foundation for our continuous growth and success.

What's New in PigeonShip's Enhanced Services?
The Enhanced PigeonShip Experience

In response to customer feedback and our commitment to excellence, we have made significant improvements in several key areas of our services. The enhanced PigeonShip experience focuses on providing better customer service, stricter operations control, and a major commitment to upgrade our technology by Q3 2023.  

  • New Service Levels -With our new service levels, we aim to provide you with a range of options to fit your shipping requirements perfectly. With Pigeonship Flexi, we offer a flexible shipping solution for packages weighing up to 70 pounds delivered within 2-3 days. When time is of the essence, choose Pigeonship Express for guaranteed 2 day shipping for packages up to 70 pounds. Then we have our same day delivery options, Pigeonship flash and Pigeonship connect. With Pigeonship flash delivering in 8-12 hours and Pigeonship connect delivering in less than 4 hours. Our coverage will go across all of Canada and also the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).
  • Superior Customer Service - We have made it our priority to provide exceptional customer support by expanding our customer service team and providing them with comprehensive training. This ensures that you receive personalised support and prompt assistance whenever you need it.  
  • Stricter Operations Control - To ensure the highest level of service, we have implemented stricter operations control measures. These measures include thorough monitoring and evaluation of our processes, as well as ongoing training for our drivers to ensure they consistently adhere to our standards and deliver exceptional results.
  • Upcoming Technology Upgrades - We are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the final mile delivery industry. By Q3 2023, we plan to introduce significant upgrades to our logistics software, which will further optimise routes, streamline communication, and improve overall efficiency for an unparalleled delivery experience.  

    Reimagining the PigeonShip Brand   


  • New Website - We're excited to announce our ongoing website revamp, with a fresh design that reflects our mission, values, and services. Stay tuned for updates on our new look.      
  • Informative Blog - Our revamped blog will provide valuable industry insights, tips, and news to help customers make the most of our same day final mile delivery services.         
  • Engaging Social Media - We're strengthening our social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, creating a community for updates, feedback, and support. Join us and stay connected! 

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PigeonShip's Comprehensive: Final Mile Delivery Services

As we continue to improve our services and introduce new services, we maintain our comprehensive suite of same day final mile delivery options designed to meet the unique needs of every customer. From small businesses to large corporations, our flexible shipping options can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. You can expect the same exceptional on-demand delivery and scheduled delivery services, now with added service options, improvements in customer service, operations control, and upcoming technology upgrades.

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