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PigeonShip's game changing new service levels ; A closer look

Tanmay Gupta
3 April, 2023
Our New Service Levels and everything you need to know about them

We appreciate your feedback and have worked diligently to develop new and innovative solutions that enhance your satisfaction with our services. Our focus has been on providing high-quality, reliable, and affordable shipping options. Based on customer concerns about high costs and slow delivery, we are excited to introduce three new service offerings that revolutionise the shipping experience. These services are designed to meet your specific requirements, offering fast, reliable, and cost-effective shipping solutions that surpass traditional methods. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, we have overcome industry challenges to provide an unparalleled shipping experience. Our new services prioritize speed, affordability, and transparency with advanced tracking capabilities. We believe these enhancements will exceed your expectations and set us apart from the competition. We value your feedback, trust, and continued support, and we are committed to continuously improving our services to better serve you.

Introducing PigeonShip: Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Shipping Solutions

At PigeonShip, we prioritise customer satisfaction and have listened to your valuable feedback. Based on your input, we have developed new and exciting service options to enhance your shipping experience. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and your success has been at the forefront of planning and designing these programs. We are thrilled to introduce PigeonShips new service levels, revolutionary shipping services that offers fast, reliable, and cost-effective shipping solutions to meet your diverse needs.

  • Pigeon Flexi: Our Pigeon Flexi service is tailored to meet the shipping needs of businesses across the United States and Canada. With a delivery timeframe of 2-5 days, this service ensures prompt and efficient shipping for packages weighing between 1 oz to 70 lbs. Offering affordability and reliability, Pigeon Flexi is the ideal choice for intercity and inter country shipments.

  • Pigeon Flexi Less than 1lb: For lightweight items such as envelopes and document-sized packages, we've introduce this service. It focuses on fast and efficient shipping, specifically catering to packages weighing less than 1 pound. With a strong emphasis on secure and timely delivery, Pigeon Flexi Mail ensures your lightweight items reach their destination swiftly.

  • PigeonShip Express: Time-sensitive shipments require a dedicated and expedited service, which is precisely what PigeonShip Express provides. With a guaranteed delivery timeframe of 2 days, this service is perfect for urgent shipments ranging from 1 ounce to 70 pounds. Count on PigeonShip Express to deliver your packages fast and reliably.

  • PigeonShip Flash: When urgency is of the utmost importance, our PigeonShip Flash service steps in. Specifically designed for metro cities, PigeonShip Flash offers blazing fast delivery within a remarkable 12 hours. Whether it's a business package weighing 1 ounce to 70 pounds, PigeonShip Flash ensures swift and efficient delivery for your time-critical shipments.

  • PigeonShip Connect: Embracing innovation and convenience, PigeonShip Connect offers rapid delivery within less than 4 hours for packages weighing 1 ounce to 70 pounds. This service caters to both businesses and individuals, ensuring efficient and timely delivery for your various needs. PigeonShip Connect is the ideal choice when you require prompt and reliable shipping services.

These refined and innovative offerings demonstrate our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for your shipping requirements. Whether it's a business shipment or an urgent personal delivery, our range of services caters to various needs and ensures that your packages reach their destination efficiently and securely. Trust Pigeon Shipping to deliver the results you expect, while maintaining the highest standards of speed, affordability, and reliability.

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About Pigeonship

At Pigeonship, our aim is to revolutionise the shipping industry by offering fast, reliable, and affordable solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our enhanced service offerings, including Pigeon Flexi, Pigeon Flexi Mail, Pigeon Express, Pigeon Flash, and Pigeon Connect, we provide a comprehensive range of shipping options to accommodate various requirements. Choose PigeonShip for faster deliveries, improved metrics, and competitive pricing. Let us handle your shipments, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our services and experience the PigeonShip difference.

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